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Coming from humble beginnings Joey Zervoulakos was born in Atlanta Georgia 1987. With some family living on Guam since World War 2. His parents moved back to what they call home. He was raised since before 2 year old on the island and still continues to be a resident on Guam.

Joey Zervoulakos - Playing Pool

Passionate about many things such as music, pool, helping others and bettering himself in many ways. He started his own music teaching business when he was 18 moving up to owning a few businesses. At the age of 26, him and his business partner invested into the largest petstore on Guam.

Today he travels all throughout southeast Asia teaching others how to be successful. He is in many business ventures in the Crypto-Currency industry. As he ventured into Bitcoin he has been quite successful at playing the Bitcoin market and sharing the Bitcoin opportunity with people to help them better themselves financially.

Also being a Network Marketing Professional he helps others make the best of themselves with their own personal businesses.

Atlanta, Georgia (Georgia Aquarium)



Palm Springs, California

A young man with Big Dreams and works everyday to make those dreams come true.


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