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Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Bitcoin Investors should know what are some of the best Bitcoin trading platforms in the market. There are a lot of different exchanges out there where you can trade Bitcoin with National fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, YEN and many more, along with other crypto-currencies. Some exchanges do different things and others have been funded by venture capitalist. Most Exchanges can do trading but not with leverage. The Following top Bitcoin Trading Platform offer investors the most value for their portfolios with leverage.






Bitfinex has one of the best trading platforms that you can use. They have 3 options on how you can trade.

 Exchange trading

is when you want to exchange whatever currency you have to the other of your choice. The pairs they have at this time of this article is: BTC-USD, ETH-USD, ETH-BTC, ETC-BTC, BFX-USD, BFX-BTC, LTC-USD & LTC-BTC.  Bitfinex has different order types, LIMIT, MARKET, STOP, TRAILING STOP, FILL OR KILL, OCO (One Cancels Other), HIDDEN ORDER, and POST ONLY LIMIT ORDER. These order types can be used for different strategies and scenarios. Exchange trading is very straight up by just exchanging currencies at market value price. The Exchange fees are 0.1% Maker & 0.2% on taker fees.

Margin Trading

Second is Margin Trading. Margin Trading is when you borrow someone else’s funds or broker and use them to trade. You can think of this as a loan from Bitfinex. This allows you to buy to buy more than what you would normally be able to buy. BitFinex has a leverage of 1:3. So For example if you deposit $100 worth in BTC to the Margin Trading account, you can trade up to $300.  All the profits would go to you aside from the trading fees. WARNING: You can have awesome profits using margin trading but can also have terrible losses by using this platform. So trade wisely!

Margin Funding

Third is Margin Funding. Margin Funding is if you prefer a safer investment then this option is for you. Margin Funding works together with Margin Trading. Yes you guessed it, Margin Funding Funds Margin Traders. Whether you have Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ether or dollars you can provide funding to traders. BitFinex does not let any funds go into the borrowers account so you are guaranteed to get your money back.

 Most noteworthy the great thing about this option is you don’t have to trade to earn from this investments. You can put your money there and make it earn interest depending on the Percentage of the market. You have to compete with fellow people who are funding this as well. Another Cool aspect about this is you can set your funding to be automatic so you don’t have to consistantly execute orders. Bitfinex has an AutoRenew options with a Flash Return Rate making the interest at market value so you don’t have a set interest rate.

Furthermore I use BitFinex as one of my main trading platforms. Use This referral link if you don’t have an account yet.

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Here is a short video tutorial on Bitfinex 2016 (OLD)

Quick Bitfinex Tour UPDATE 2017



 2. SimpleFX


SimpleFX is another Great platform. They have one of the features I like, Trading with anonymity. You can sign up with just your email. This platform has about 15 base currencies such as Bitcoin, USD, Euro, Yen and more. 24/7/365 You can trade anytime of the day, not having to wait for opening and closing markets. With up to 60 Currency pairs, you can trade with indices, commodities, precious metals, energy and Forex CFDs on BTC, with spreads of 0.1.

SimpleFx has leverages of 1:500. Yup Huge leverage which makes it scary but also fun to use. They have one of the best pricing, execution and liquidity, with innovative trading technology. They guarantee deposit protected funds which makes them safe to use. They are a Robust Trading platform. Their support is fast and quick to respond and they listen to their clients. The company was established in 2014 with a motto – ” Keep it Simple! “

Most of all the Nice thing too is they have a community of traders that are on the platform at any given time. You can simply join the chat. The website may look a bit complicated but it really isn’t once you know where everything is. SimpleFX is definitely a great place to trade Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

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3. 1Broker


1Broker is a Bitcoin ONLY Forex & CFD trading Platform. They Developed solely to service the bitcoin trading market. Hence they have of advantages and disadvantages. They have been one of the top Bitcoin only trading platform in the market. 1Broker offers trading on over 40 selected commodities, stock, index and Forex markets. There is no conversions to fiat currencies like USD necessary. As a result with the other trading platform 1Broker does have leveraged options. With there fees of 0.15% and less for different pairs.

Hence, You can participate on the stock market price of Apple Inc. directly with your Bitcoins. If you set the leverage to 1 it behaves  like if you had bought real stock shares. (except dividends and shareholder rights)
This means that if the price of Apple Inc. goes up by 1% you will get back 101% of your investment. If you are using higher leverages, let’s say 20 and Apple Inc. goes up 1% you get back 120% of your investment. (Remember that high leverages can also lead to big losses)

Therefor, 1Broker makes it easy for investors to buy stocks without going through other brokers and headaches. They make it easy for investors with bitcoin to participate in stocks. Although there platform takes come getting used to.

Hence, 1Broker is a great way to purchase stock and other things for your portfolio with Bitcoin.

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4. WhaleClub.Co


WhaleClub is similiar to 1Broker but for me its easier to use. They are a Bitcoin Only Trading platform. You can use your deposits as margins for long and short positions. All your trades are settled in Bitcoin. AWESOME!! There are ZERO fees on all orders executions, balances, deposits and inactivity. But, there are leverage rates that will apply. Great thing about whaleclub is they store the bitcoins offline so in the event they are hacked your deposits wont be touched. They don’t have ANY fiat, Strictly Bitcoin.

Great thing too is that you don’t need to be verified to start trading. Depending on which market you’re trading you can set a specific leverage order. The spreads are relatively low as much as possible. They have several types of Orders with, Limit, Market, Stop-Loss, and take profit. Market orders are executed at the best available price instantly.

Once depositing Bitcoins into your account in whaleclub they require 1 confirmation before crediting your account. You can withdraw at any time immediately. They process once a day manually around 8pm GMT. So there is no automation linked to their platform or website. Its much more secure this way.

 Most of all the nice thing about whaleclub too is they are optimised for mobile and tablet use. which makes it so much easier trading on the go!

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5. Bittrex


Bittrex in my opinion is great. They have a fantastic support system and always get back to me on a timely manner. The team works consistently on improving the platform and keep it safe to use. The exchange  was founded at the start of 2014 operating in Neveda USA. Bittrex is one of the few exchanges that allows trading in a seemingly unlimited number of crypto currency pairs. They Trade everything against Bitcoin.

Therefor in conclusion These are my top favourite places to trade bitcoin on a daily basis. Please also check out my other article on Top 5 Bitcoin apps for Android. This article is great for trading bitcoin on the go with different trading platforms. Enjoy




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