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Free Bitcoin Faucets

Free Bitcoin Faucets

Want to get paid playing games? Sure!! Its a gamer’s dream!

First one, is one of my favorites.

The app is by Daniel D’Aliens. He has 2 types of games and is downloadable on your mobile devices. Both games are very easy to play. Free Bitoin app has jackpots that is high paying. This Faucet pays EVERY Tuesday. Thus so far I have been paid every time. Hey, Who doesn’t like getting paid to play games and get paid for it? Thank you Daniel for your hard work and paying us to play your game.

Don’t expect this game to pay your mortgage or utility bills, Nor any other free bitcoin games.

Another on that I like that you can use on your browser is:

Its really unique how this game works. It makes me laugh on how it works. Its high paying as well. Just destroy the Robots and get paid.
Another one is:

All you do is spin the wheel every 10 minutes and you can win the Jackpots. There is loads of chances in hitting the Jackpot.

These ones are my Favorites. I will post more later as I come across them.


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