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My Thoughts on Bitcoin?

Hey guys hows it going?

This page will be about what I think about Bitcoin, not so much what it is.


What are my thoughts on Bitcoin?

My thoughts on Bitcoin, wow there is so much to talk about. I just love the fact that it is completely decentralized and no one owns or controls Bitcoin. There is a lot of people who don’t believe in the system. Most of them that I talk to need to have a backing and something to fall back to in the case of failure. Bitcoin is already too big and cant be shut down. Just like how the internet is. You can’t shut down the internet. Countries can shut certain sections of the internet off like what China did 2009. Article here.

The other factors I love about bitcoin is the applications that it can do. You can use bitcoins as currency, use it as a means for sending value to someone across the globe without going through any third party intermediaries & you can trade it like stock, Without going through a broker who has to pull and push from you bank account.  That is what the internet did and is completely changing our society and how it operates.

I like to talk about how technology has been innovative the past decade or so. I remember when we first were able to send Text messages through our mobile phones, I thought that was really cool. Back then text messages costed me about $.05 per text, I was always running out of minutes because I was texting to much. Next came the Data on the phone. Which was big for me, I was like ” man I can surf the internet while on the go ” . Then we were able to send Pictures over texting, boy that was something awesome. Also Skype & Facetime made us able to talk & see the person we love or friend when they were across the globe. Technology has been revolutionary the 20 years.

Internet Bitcoin

The Internet

Remember when the internet first came out? What did the internet do to us as a society? When I was growing up I didn’t have Google to do my research on for school. My dad brought me to a library or use my grandfathers Encyclopedia collection. Now days Kids have a very special intricate tool called ” Google “. They can use this tool to research for school.  The internet of information is awesome. Its a fantastic technology to see how its helping people. Don’t take it for granted.

Emails! what did email do to USPS Snail mail? We used USPS to send letters to our friends or family in a different country. Then came fax, We were able to send letters over via phone to another country, and look at whats going on now! We barely see fax machines now days because people & businesses are using email to send Documents and letters as they need. Most people take this technology for granted.

The internet cuts the middle man in many ways. Now just imagine this, before we were never able to send text messages or photos or even videos for that matter 10 years ago, our present time we are now able to send these things through out the globe. But how come we couldn’t send Value over the internet? Then there is Bitcoin. Now we can send money to your loved ones Instantly. This technology will be very big.


Bitcoin Western Union

Bitcoin will do what Netflix did to blockbuster to money. 

Think about it. Can fiat money be able to send it self without using a bank or Western Union? No…Money that is able to send it self, able to be traded like stocks, and be used as currency anywhere in the world. Its truly one of the best inventions that has happened to mankind in the past 50 years. It will only help us.


Lets Help Build the Bitcoin Economy!!



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