Recent Rise of Bitcoin Price $290


Coinbase Bitcoin Price


According to Coinbase the price of 1 unit of Bitcoin is $290. As I am writing this post the price has been increasing slowly.  Its been the highest price since August 24, 2015 which was $209 about a 40% increase.

Bitcoin Price

Its fantastic, I believe that when the EU considered Bitcoin to be currency it made headlines and people started to exchange their fiat to Bitcoin.
Also the “Unofficial” Authorization from China on Bitcoin could help the possibility of the Rise in price. The sudden sudden surge in bitcoin trading volume, driven predominantly by the Chinese exchanges Huobi and OKCoin. OKCoin accounted for at least 50% of this volume. If we take a look at this website we can clearly see where all the bitcoin exchanges are happening at. Yes Mainly, China.

This is huge, An entire country has fallen into a sudden wave of “bitcoin love,” and that is certainly a large factor when it comes to pushing the price of bitcoin  and furthering bitcoin’s reputation as the currency of the future.

We do hope the price of Bitcoins will continue to rise. While Bitcoin is still in its infancy, many will eventually learn what good bitcoin can do for us and bring to our world. Introducing a decentralize platform to bankers, to aiding the unbanked around the globe, bitcoin simply has a good side that many refuse to see and accept. As a society, its very easy to loose track and focus on the negative points and point out all the ways criminals have been using Bitcoin, but think about it. What currency cant be used for criminal acts? Dismiss the negative side and focus on the good side on how bitcoin can help people.
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