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Top 5 Bitcoin & Crypto-Currency Apps for Andriod

Bitcoin Monitoring apps!
This post is about the top apps I use for Bitcoin & Altcoins. I’m not necessarily talking about wallet apps for crypto-currency but apps I use for price checking & trading on the go. The wallet apps I can perhaps do for another post.

Sometimes when you’re out and about, having a drink with your friends, or perhaps watching a boring game and you want to keep track of the price of bitcoin for your trades or just want to buy at a lower price. Or you’re just new to Bitcoin and crypto-currencies and want to keep track prices? Sure, this article is for you. There is a few apps that I use to keep track of all the crytpo-currencies that I’m trading along with bitcoin. Many of them are different tickers for different purposes. There is also an app I use for trading on most platforms. I will go over these apps briefly to give you an idea how to keep track of the prices for Bitcoin or crypto-currencies and make your trades on the go!





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 5: Bitcoin Ticker Widget icon256

Bitcoin Ticker Widget Bitcoin Ticker Widget Bitcoin Ticker WidgetBitcoin Ticker Widget










Bitcoin Ticker Widget has some great functions. It has a Widget that you can place on your home screen to view the price of Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH and Ethercoin ETC. It also has a variety of different currencies you can choose from USD to CNY. This app also has a minimal chart so you can see how the currency fluctuated during a certain time frame from 1hour to 2years depending on your settings. The Bitcoin Ticker Widget has the trading information such as the High and Low price as well as Bids and Asks for that time frame you select and the exchange of your choice. You can also set the interval time for the home screen widget to update every few minutes or so.

This app is FREE but theres also a paid version. The paid version has no advertisements. it has the candle stick charts and order depth. I only use the Free version as its works very well for me for a quick price check of Bitcoin and a quick glance at the chart.

The Bitcoin Ticker Widget is on Google Play Store and has a 4.5 star rating a with over 100k downloads.
Its a great app to use on the fly.



4: XE Currency Converter
XE Currency

XE Currency Converter XE Currency Converter XE Currency Converter









XE Currency Converter isn’t a straight up Bitcoin app, but it does SUPPORT the bitcoin currency. Which is FANTASTIC. I do know Google Docs supports bitcoin and Microsoft Excel now supports the bitcoin currency as well , but that is off topic hehe. Reason why I chose this app is when I want bitcoin values and to see them in our native currency USD or other currencies, I can do just that. I use this app very often because I travel a lot and I only earn bitcoins so doing the BTC to Fiat conversion for the country I am in is very important.

The app has great features, you can convert BTC/USD or USD/EUR or EUR/BTC, Heck whatever currency you want to convert. A lot of financial experts and FX Brokers/Traders use this app for their conversions.

XE Currency Converter has a rating of 4.3 with over 5million downloads!  And its FREE to use, along with a optional paid version.
Fantastic tool to have!



3: CoinCap


CoinCap App   CoinCap App CoinCap App








CoinCap app is Great for watching multiple crypto-currencies including bitcoin. CoinCap is their website. CoinCap is owned and operated by ShapeShift. ShapeShift is a reliable crypto-currency exchange. So you can exchange almost any crypto-currency you want.
CoinCap has great features, you can watch almost any crypto-currency. The app has built in alerts, so when the price of a currency goes where your desired price it will notify you. You can also have a portfolio within the app. Which I don’t use. You can view charts, price index, and more. The crypto-currencies can be arranged by Price by Market cap, Percentage change for 24hours, available supply and more. Its a live list that consistently updates every second, Real Time! You can also exchange crypto-currency within the app via shapeshift at the ease of your fingertips.
If you trade crypto-currencies then this app is for you!

CoinCap has a rating of 4.0 and has over 1k downloads as this app is very new and most of all, its FREE! Awesome Tool to have!




2: BlockFolio


BlockFolio BlockFolio BlockFolio BlockFolio










The BlockFolio app is great for watching all your currencies that you have positions for. Even the cryptos your just holding and wanting to see the value. You can see the Value in USD or in Bitcoin by click the figures at the top left. That is your total Value on all your cryptos including bitcoin. The app accepts a few different exchanges. For me personally I use Bittrex and Poloniex for trading cryptos. In BlockFolio you can click the coin of interest and see a basic candle stick chart along with the market index for that day. Hence, this app also has Alerts to notify you of the price of your desired coin.

You can also read the news on Coindesk and Bitcoin magazine with the tabs at the top.

BlockFolio supports over 800 cryptos and supports over 30 fiat currencies and more are always added.

BlockFolio has a rating of 4.8 with over 10k downloads.

1: TabTrader



TabTrader TabTrader TabTrader TabTrader TabTrader









TabTrader is a my favorite app. I can do almost everything, yup Almost everything, which is why I use the other apps to keep track of what tabtrader doesn’t have.. TabTrader connects to a variety of different exchanges for crypto-currencies and exchanges such as Bitfinex to trade with BTC to USD.. This app is very versatile you can monitor all the cyrptos your trading, see the charts. It has candle stick charts that you can view from when the currency started being traded.

You can draw your lines on the chart and even start a new position on it by holding down your finger on the chart then a tab pops up. Its really a great app. I believe Traders are makers of the app. Made by Traders for Traders id say, Haha!

The App has alerts which I do use, Theres NO ADs, Freakin AWESOME!! Most of all, No Limits for trades. You can start a Margin Trade if you want. Hence, the best part of this app is it doesn’t use much resources on your phone.. Data on average uses about 3megs a month depending on how much you trade an monitor. The charts are Real Time. You can have Pin protection as for security.

Tab Trader is COMPLETLY Free with NO ADs which is FANTASTIC! I use this on a daily basis monitoring ALL my trades on the go! I really love this app! I’m Really surprised why they kept this a free version! Thanks TabTrader Developers You guys are awesome!! Please check out their site, They are young and smart entrepreneurs making our cyrpto currency easy and better to use.
The TabTrader app is VERY easy to use with a rating of 4.6 and over 10k downloads!

In Conclusion, These are my Top 5 Apps I use for monitoring prices and therefor, Trading on the go!



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